BLOODLUST [Liner Notes]

Brent Faulkner, BLOODLUST © Brent Faulkner

So me being me, I fiddled around and recorded some electronic instrumental tracks.  Of course they aren’t just random – there’s a narrative, hence making the resulting 10-song project, BLOODLUST, programmatic. Since there are no lyrics, here are the notes to try to explain this 41 minute experimental project. Yeah, in this case my music is my diary.  I will say, based upon the narrative, there could be a sequel. Don’t count on it though.  Also, there’s a link to the 10-track playlist.


BLOODLUST is a conceptual, experimental, instrumental, electronica album.  The best way to characterize this 10-song project is like the soundtrack to a short film, video game, or even a comic book.  Hopefully, the liner notes provide some perspective.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner

The soon-to-be serial killer is guilty of the same sin as most initially – lust. “Lust…” is the most traditional song on BLOODLUST.  Although it is electronic like everything else, the goal was to make it sound closer to be acoustic, particularly given the sound patches (acoustic guitar, piano, bass, etc.). “Lust” represents the calm before the storm.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner 

“WhatamIdoingwithmylife?” finds the killer reflecting on his overbearing, lustful desires.  At this point, he’s beginning to cross the line in thought, though he hasn’t committed the hideous deed. This particular instrumental is meant to capture a sense of chaos occurring in the murderer’s mind.  It’s a clear contrast to “lust…” despite the fact that both are in a minor key.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner 

“Darkhymnz” is a twisted representation of two hymns – “Nearer My God to Thee” and “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand.”  Both hymns are treated dramatically, and changed from major to minor.  A distorted B3 organ with modulation effects carries “Nearer My God to Thee,” mean to sound more hellish and devilish than holy.  Piano carries “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand,” adding a darker edge to the stormy element of the song you might say.  Narratively, this represents the murderer turning his back on God and his traditional Christian upbringing.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner 

“PFU” continues the progression of BLOODLUST. Here, the murderer is in party mode, hence he’s P.F.U. or “pretty ****** up.” It’s a dual meaning, considering the actions that are to come are nothing short of deviant and disgusting.  “PFU” is the first groovy song of BLOODLUST because the murderer is letting himself loose.  He’s downtown, getting drunk, looking for a girl to be his victim.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner 

“Grlz” is a stylization of “Girls.” The murderer is scouting out an “easy” girl whom he can perform his “bloodlust” upon.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner 

“HLLshPlanz” is a stylization of “Hellish Plans.” Essentially this malicious record is examining the mindset of the murderer.  He’s found a prime candidate to participate, but little does she know her handsome hook-up is deadly.  The music is meant to represent someone demonic – Mephistophelean to the core.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner 

Ah, the prelude to the “main attraction” for the murderer.  This jazz-soul joint represents the only pleasure that the girl will get out of her hook-up with the murderer. A feminine choir patch specifically represents the object of the murderer’s bloodlust. I’m a big jazz fan and played piano in the jazz ensemble in both high school and in college.  Even when I’m explicitly playing jazz, I like to think the influence affects a lot of my music, whether electronic, urban, classical, etc.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner 

The title track is purposely the most chaotic of the album.  The murderer abuses and ultimately murders the girl.  The music represents his twisted and perverted actions and the pleasure derived from it by the murderer.  Lots of sounds were used on this particular track – and don’t get started on the effects. Interestingly, like “[pre-],” there’s an element of jazz here during the grooviest section.


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner

“[post-]” represents the aftermath of the horrendousness.  Even though the murderer accomplishes his gruesome goal, he’s not satisfied…by just one victim of course.  


Written, performed, and produced by Brent Faulkner

Although BLOODLUST doesn’t provide justice for the girl the murderer kills, her innocence and untimely death are acknowledged on the most heavenly song, “ANGELZ.”  Still, “ANGELZ” begins unsettling with screams reminiscent of the murder.  “ANGELZ” is the only song set in a major key and purposely has a jubilant, gospel-tinged sound.


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