Confidential Recreation

This is meant to be random, based on shifting thoughts and, well, shallowness.

Verse 1:

I try to hide my intentions with others
I don’t want them to know what’s going on.
I log on when everybody’s else is counting sheep,
Me, your images, my imagination, running wild.
I should make my fantasies reality,
But that might detract from the fun.
You’d never want someone like me, not your type,
You’re out of my league, so I’ll stay on this current run.

Chorus 1:

I know they say, curiosity killed the cat,
But I can’t stop, indulging in you
Am I wrong? I’ll admit I’m obsessed,
I wanna absorb your every cue, your every move

Verse 2:

Yeah, I’m probably sick, but do I give a flip?
I’m into your shh, and you don’t know it
No, this isn’t meant to be a poetic hit,
I’m Just letting it rip, and it feels good as it leaves the tip
Too much? I can’t help it…
Don’t you remember I’m sick, I’m a man, blame it on this…
Not making sense, this second verse is lyrical mess,
But in the nutshell, this feeling is sinful, damning…

Chorus 2:

I know they say, curiosity killed the cat,
But I can’t stop, don’t you know you’re hot?
Am I wrong? Doesn’t this happen to every man?
Just wants to please and be pleased back…


Not quite a fatal attraction…
But this is some kind of attraction
My body lacks the traction…
CONTROL – I have no control
There’s a routine…
Can’t break this routine…
Sometimes there’s this mag…
Other nights its all internal schemes (you know what I mean)


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